Celebrities Who Did IVF

Celebrities Who Did IVF

Ever since in vitro fertilization (IVF) was introduced as an infertility treatment option, it is giving hope to couples who are struggling to conceive children. For many people, it is a long road to parenthood and sometimes it can be devastating and stressful not knowing if they will be able to achieve the goal or not. 

But it is important to know that you are not alone. There are many people, including celebrities are struggling to conceive children. While some are achieving their goal for the first time, some have to try again and again. 

Hope is the most important factor that individuals must never lose. Therefore, it may give them the courage to hear stories with happy endings and it may be inspiring of hearing that you are not alone in your journey…


Celebrities Who Struggled to Conceive Children


Some faced with PCOS, some struggled with low sperm count, and they all are broken down into pieces as they don’t know how common miscarriages… Here are the inspiring stories of celebrities who did IVF. 

Celine Dion’s inspiring infertility struggle story… 

It was a big surprise for Celine Dion’ and her husband, René Angélil, to hear that they need to take IVF treatment to conceive. Celine was in her early 30s when they decided to have children but, age was not the reason for their infertility.  After René Angélil was diagnosed with cancer they decided to freeze his sperms. This decision made everything clear and showed that René already had a low sperm count and low motility. The couple is recommended to take ICSI treatment.

Celine Dion’ after numerous failed attempts at IVF (7), at the age of 33 finally succeeded. She is now the mother of three sons, conceived through IVF treatment.

Brooke Shields is an advocate for fertility issues

Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy are well-known celebrities who struggled with infertility challenges. At the age of 36, Brooke Shields’s IVF treatment process had started. Just like everyone else, she expected to get pregnant on the first try, but things didn’t always go as expected. After her first round of IVF, she suffered a miscarriage. She tried, tried, and tried… After challenges of multiple failed IVF cycles just before she and her husband were about to give up on the IVF process her miracle happened. That last attempt brought her daughter Rowan into the world in 2003. 

She decided to write down all the processes she had been through in her book “Down Came the Rain”, to give hope to the ones who are struggling with infertility. 

Michelle Obama’s IVF journey gives hope to many women

After her miscarriages, Michelle Obama realized that the biological clock is real and egg production is limited. Michelle Obama was in her 35s and it was necessary for her to take IVF treatment. The period was hard for both Michelle and Barack Obama but they never gave up trying. After a while, they got the good news and had 2 daughters. 

A few years ago, in the book “Becoming” Michelle Obama decided to share her memories of the IVF period and journey to parenthood. In the book, she opened up her heart courageously and said:  “I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we don’t talk about them. We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we’re broken.” 

Courteney Cox’s miracle came with IVF Treatment

Courteney Cox famous actress of Friends suffered several miscarriages before learning that she has a rare antibody in her blood that prevented full-term pregnancies. With the doctor’s recommendations, Courteney Cox and her former husband David Arquette tried IVF treatment. Lucky they succeeded on their second try. Courteney Cox has a healthy daughter.


IVF & Surrogacy Journey of Celebrities


Tyra Banks’ IVF journey – 7 failed cycles and surrogacy

Supermodel Tyra Banks is another celebrity who took  IVF treatment. She failed but kept trying… After years of trying, she conceived her son, York, in January 2016 via surrogacy.  


Sarah Jessica Parker IVF journey and Surrogacy

Sarah Jessica Parker is a role model for the ones who experienced secondary infertility. Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick conceived their first son naturally. But when they choose to expand their family they were not as lucky as they were with their first child. After years of trying, they opted for gestational surrogacy in 2009, which resulted in two healthy twin daughters.


Nicole Kidman is a shining example that not all hope should be lost…

Nicole Kidman’s story is more similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s. Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban conceived their first daughter naturally. But when they wanted another child the biological clock was running against her… It was risky for Kidman to take IVF and so they decided to have children through gestational surrogacy. Nicole Kidman used her own eggs for the process.