What is a cyst?

Cyst – a pathological cavity in the tissues or organs, having a wall and contents.

By their nature, cysts can be divided into functional and organic. The former respond well to treatment with hormonal drugs and self-destruct in a short time. Organic cysts most often require surgical treatment. Of course, you can determine the type of cyst only with the help of a doctor.

Cyst treatment

Methods of treatment, laparoscopic method of ovarian cyst removal.

Treatment of ovarian cysts includes three areas: conservative, surgical, and laparoscopic. The choice of treatment method depends on the type of cyst and the severity of the disease.

Conservative treatment. In most cases, hormonal and anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed with mandatory control of the dynamics of the size of the cyst.

Surgical treatment. In the absence of the effect of conservative therapy, with the appearance of such complications as cyst rupture or bleeding, surgical treatment is indicated.

Laparoscopic treatment. Currently, laparoscopic methods of surgical treatment are widely used to preserve the invariable tissue of the ovary to maximize the reproductive potential of women.