Financial Planning for IVF: Tips for Affording Treatment

Financial Planning for IVF: Tips for Affording Treatment

You might be worried about the cost if you and your partner are thinking about getting in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. IVF can be an expensive procedure. Here are some suggestions to make IVF more affordable.

Firstly, we recommend you search about the cost of IVF and various costs that can contain medications or special treatment methods you need.

If your health insurance does not cover IVF treatments, one alternative option with affordable prices is to go abroad, such as Turkey.

Search about the cost of IVF

IVF cost depends on where you live or where you want to undergo IVF treatment there. The cost of IVF is different in various countries. The cost of IVF in European, the USA, and the United Kingdom is higher than in other countries like Turkey or Cyprus. In the table below you can see the average cost of one cycle of IVF in these countries.

UK USA Canada Turkey
Cost of one cycle of IVF £8500 -£14500 £12000 – £26000 £8000 – £13000 £2000 – £6800
Cost of egg retrieval £3000 – £4500 £4000 – £6000 £2500 – £4000 £800 – £2000
IVF medication cost £1500 – £2000 £2500 – £3500 £1500 – £2000 £800 – £1700
Cost of egg freezing £4000 – £7000 £4500 – £8000 £4000 – £7000 £1700 – £2600

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Understand which treatments you may need

IVF is a complicated treatment for infertile couples. The retrieved eggs and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory before being implanted in the uterus. It is the most basic definition of IVF treatment, but everyone’s situation is unique.

Consult your doctor, assess your needs, and inquire about which treatments you require or may require. These are crucial in your financial efforts because some specialized treatments are costly and should be considered before undergoing IVF.

Insurance coverage

In most countries, insurance does not cover IVF treatment; in some countries, insurance may cover a portion of the treatment, but this is uncommon. However, we recommend that you review your health insurance policy to see if it covers any portion of your IVF treatment. Because some insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for fertility treatments, it’s critical to understand the scope of your coverage.

Explore International Options

If the cost of IVF in your home country is too costly, consider exploring options in another country. Some countries provide more affordable IVF treatments while maintaining quality. However, before making a decision, thoroughly research the clinics and their success rates.

Nowadays, it is very simple to travel abroad for any treatment, particularly IVF. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for IVF. Turkey’s hospitals are modern, and there are many experienced IVF doctors.

IVFTureky, the first IVF clinic in Turkey, was established to provide IVF treatments.

Consider Alternative Funding Sources

If your insurance does not cover IVF treatment, or if it does, the coverage is limited, you should consider other options. Taking out a personal loan, applying for grants or loans, or using credit cards with a rewards program are all examples of this. Before committing to a funding source, carefully consider each option and thoroughly understand the terms and conditions.

Explore Financing Options

If your insurance coverage is limited or non-existent, look into financing options designed specifically for fertility treatments. Many clinics offer payment plans or financing options to help you spread out the cost of IVF over a longer period of time.

Consider Shared Risk Programs

Some fertility clinics provide risk-sharing or refund programs. These programs usually have a higher upfront cost, but if the treatment fails, you may be eligible for a partial or full refund. Although these programs may appear to be more expensive at first, they provide a safety net in the event that the treatment does not result in a successful pregnancy.

Save money

IVF treatment can be costly, so it’s best to start saving early. Create a separate savings account solely for the purpose of covering the costs of IVF. Consider reducing unnecessary expenses and reinvesting the savings in your IVF fund. Saving a significant amount of money will help reduce the financial burden.

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