How Can We Manage The Stress Caused by Infertility?

When you have trouble conceiving, you go through a very long process: constant medical check-up, medication, hormonal stimulation, awaiting the results of your pregnancy test, the fear of failure, disappointments, the tick-tock of the biological clock, your friends becoming pregnant, so you are obviously going through a very stressful and painful time.

It is essential to be able to control your stress level, but each person will manage it in a different way. You have to find a way to feel better, to relieve the pressure, so you can alleviate this stressful situation. Do some sports, eat healthy food, sleep well, listen to some good music, meditate or do breathing exercises every day, go out with your partner and enjoy a good movie, go out for dinner or dance! Go for a walk in the mountains or in the forest, observe nature and animals. Share a good laugh … Laughter therapy has anti-stress benefits that are proven…. And open up to others! Express your emotions, your anxieties and your fears, externalizing them will help you to get rid of the stress caused by your infertility … And obviously managing your impatience is essential … sooner or later your dream will come true because you are being helped by some professional medical members of staff who will get you out of this nightmare …