One of the most important problems in women’s fertility is the low ovarian reserve with low AMH and high FSH levels. Unfortunately, the stimulation medications may not be beneficial in certain cases to get follicles because of those levels. In such cases, we need to alert the ovaries in a different way.

In vitro activation is the newest method do to this. A part of the ovary is taken out laparoscopically and divided into several parts and reattached to the ovaries. In this situation, the ovaries show a reaction to the attachment of these parts and start the hormonal activity. At the same time, the PRP method can be done. The centrifuged blood of the patient is injected into the ovaries and hence causes a reaction in hormonal activity. Some pregnancies have happened via the IVA/PRP method and these methods can be beneficial for poor responders and early menopause or pre-menopause women.