Low Sperm Count

One of the most frequent reasons for having an IVF treatment is the low sperm count of men. Due to factors such as genetics, smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating and also due to environmental conditions the sperm count of men decreases in the whole world. When the sperm count is low or the morphology is not good or the motility is not enough, then it is difficult for the sperm to get through the tubes of the woman and meet the egg and get inside of the egg. The sperm count result shows a quick indication if an IVF cycle is necessary or not. Therefore we recommend couples to get a sperm count directly to see if there is a problem with the result.  The sperm count is usually determined by examining the sperm under a microscope to see how many sperm appear in the grid squares. In some cases, a computer can be used to measure sperm count.

Low sperm count cannot be treated but having a child is possible via the ICSI technique which is applied during the IVF cycle. In ICSI, the embryologist selects the best sperms of men in the ejaculate and injects them via a special micromanipulator machine into the egg cells of women 1 by 1. The outer layer of the egg is cut off with this machine and the sperm cell is injected inside. This increases the fertilization rates greatly.

The sperm count is analyzed according to the international norms of “World Health Organization” and “the  Kruger’s Criteria”

The values below the following rates indicate a low sperm count.